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Officer Candidate Speeches & Voting
Active FFA members (current members in 9th-12th grade) can vote for the officer candidates that they wish to see in office next year today and tomorrow (April 21st & April 22nd). All votes must be in by April 22nd by 12 PM.

Each candidate has prepared a speech below. Please watch each speech, then use the Google Form with your SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS to vote for which officer you believe will be best suited for each officer position. 

Candidate #1: Benjamin Mooney
Benjamin Mooney Officer Election Speech.MOV

Candidate #2: Kasey Davis

Candidate #3: Natalie Flores

Candidate #4: Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross Officer Election Speech.MOV

Candidate #5: Caitlin Sheridan
Caitlin Sheridan Officer Election Speech

Candidate #6: Alyssa Whitehead
Alyssa Whitehead Officer Election Speech

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