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Manvel FFA Student Places 1st in Poles at APHA World Show!
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   7/2/2018

Congratulations to Delaney Bourque for placing 1st in youth under 18 pole bending at the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) World Show! This is such an amazing achievement and we wanted to recognize her for it! Congrats to Delaney and her horse "Feathers Macho Doll"!

March Newsletter
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   4/2/2018

March Newsletter
By: Bridgette Vickers

San Angelo Invitational contests:

The livestock team placed 72nd out of 122 teams. The vet team placed 45th of out 78 teams. The wildlife team placed 26th out of 53 teams.

Tarleton Invitational contests: the horse team placed 94th out of 248 teams. The floral team placed 110th out of 157 teams. The livestock team placed 135th out of 273. The vet team placed 75th out of 266 and the wildlife team placed 26th out of 53 teams.

HLSR CDE contests:

Wildlife placed 26th out of 34 teams. Floral placed 51st out of 88 teams. Livestock placed 83rd out of 320 teams.


The HLSR scramblers that caught were Mikaela Calami, Kathryn McRae, Rickie Johnstone, and Jason Lee! Jason received the mystery calf winner.

Celine Conkle placed first in her class and received the 2018 Tommy Steele Perseverance award. Goats, swine, and sheep all showed but all sent to the trailer but we are still very proud their hard work and dedication!

November Newsletter
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   12/12/2017

Manvel FFA - November Newsletter

District LDE

 Manvel FFA had district LDE’s. Everyone tried their best. Quiz was 9th place and radio was 10th. We are proud of everyone!

Chapter meeting potluck

 Last meeting we had a potluck and everyone brought great food and we discussed old and new business. Everyone had a blast!

Manvel FFA October Newsletter
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   11/6/2017

Manvel FFA October Newsletter By: Bridgette Vickers

Brazoria county fair

This month we had our Brazoria county fair for all the kids with animals and Ag Mech projects. Everyone did an amazing job during that week. Placings: Pigs: Lillyana Simmons - 9th Bridgette Vickers - 10th Adam Marosko - 9th Mykalan Leitner - 9th Kalen Stavinoha - 8th Goats: Liberty Kent - 1st place twice and a 3rd place Hunter Kent - 2nd, 3rd and 6th Evelyn Batencourt - 8th Alexis Fernandez - 7th Lambs: Liberty Kent -1st Hunter Kent - 8th David Calami - 5th Mikaela Calami - 7th Ag Mech: Rickie Johnstone - 5th Trevor Hughes Ribboned and sold   Liberty Kent represented Manvel FFA as Fair Queen candidate from Manvel High School and did great! There was a calf scramble during this event and everyone who participated did an excellent job and tried their very best! The students that caught at the calf scramble were Bridgette Vickers, Rickie Johnstone, and Mikaela Calami. Overall BCFA went great!


Alvin ISD 2nd Chance Livestock Show

The students who showed their animals at Brazoria but did not sell their animal at auction had a choice to show at the Alvin ISD 2nd Chance Livestock Show. Everyone who chose to do it sold and did an outstanding job! Our officers helped with the auction dinner, it went very smoothly and everyone had a good time.



Kalen S. - 5th place

Adam M. - 2nd place

Madalyn L.- 1st place

Mykalan L. - 3rd place

Bridgette V. -3rd place

Lillyana S. - 5th place

Alyssa W. - 7th place

Ty L. - 8th place

Steven H. - 9th place

Haven F. - 8th place


Liberty K. - 3rd place

Hunter K. - 4th place

Alexis F. - 1st place


Mikaela - 1st place, Grand Champion

Hunter K.- 2nd place, Reserve Champion
Please go to our Photo Albums tab to see pictures from these events!!
Manvel FFA September Newsletter
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   10/19/2017


BY: Bridgette Vickers


Manvel FFA held their 2017 Greenhand Camp. The officers put on activities building up the greenhands leadership skills. There was alphabet soup,  bang, and cow tongue. The kids had fun, and it was an overall a success.

Screenshot_2017-10-17-15-38-52.png Snapchat-316105504.jpg


Manvel FFA had their first meeting of the year this month. We talked about upcoming events, the booster club, CDE’S and LDE’S, and also talked about our website. We all met new people and talked about things they are interested in and answered questions.



Manvel FFA officers sold sausage on a stick to Manvel High School students and the proceeds went to our chapter. For the homecoming parade we all decorated a trailer for the theme which was “Candy Land”. During the parade everyone threw out candy to children and showed their FFA spirit!

Screenshot_2017-09-27-14-13-26.png Screenshot_2017-09-27-19-45-07.png

Summer Newsletter
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   9/6/2017

Manvel FFA Summer Newsletter Author: Bridgette Vickers Texas FFA State Convention

The officer team went to Corpus Christi for the Texas FFA State Convention July 11th through the 15th. They attended with the Alvin FFA Chapter and Shadow Creek FFA Chapter. They went to a water park before they settled in a hotel. The officers attended sessions throughout the week. During the sessions there were people who gave speeches, students received many awards and scholarships, and the State FFA officer election took place. Aaron Watson played there, it was a great experience. Liberty Kent received her Lonestar Degree which is the highest award you can receive in Texas FFA. On the last session/day there was a dance and a safari night which was a blast! IMG_20170720_132419_246.jpgIMG_20170720_131515_056.jpg

Officer Day

Manvel FFA officer team had an officer day the 14th of August. The Officer Team participated in team building exercises such as flipping a blanket while standing on it while not talking, making a square shape out of a rope, and a obstacle course. During these courses trust and leadership skills were built. We are now more aware of what the team’s weaknesses and strengths are. Each team member grew and learned something new. The Officers went over the calendar and set dates for upcoming events. Overall it was an amazing learning experience.


Officer Meeting

The officer team had their first meeting August 24th. We went over our parts for a short period of time, discussed the chapter shirt designs, the upcoming chapter meetings, and made sure the entire team was on the same page for the upcoming year.

Manvel FFA Helping Rescue Animals
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   9/5/2017
Starting Tuesday September 5th, 2017 Manvel FFA members will be volunteering their time to help the animals that have been displaced and rescued from Hurricane Harvey. The animals are at the Brazoria County Fairgrounds. Most of the animals at the fairgrounds have owners that brought them there because they had to evacuate their homes due to the hurricane and flooding. However, there are still animals coming in that are being rescued, mainly livestock animals such as horses and cattle. A lot of these rescue animals have not been claimed by owners yet so they need volunteers to help feed, water and clean their pens. Our chapter will be helping with this everyday after school this week and will possibly help into next week. If you are a high school FFA member and would like to help please contact Ms. Thompson.
State FFA Convention Recap
Posted By: Jaycee Thompson   8/9/2017

89th Texas FFA State Convention Recap

All things considered, the 89th Texas FFA State Convention was a tremendous success. While it wasn’t without challenges, we appreciate all that you and your students did to ensure that our hallmark event was a success. Let’s take a look at the great things which happened during our time in Corpus Christi:

  • 12,468 members, advisors, guests and supporters were in attendance.

  • More than 1,000 backpacks filled with supplies were donated to Corpus Christi ISD’s Homeless Education Service.

  • 1,296 volunteers cleaned 15 miles of beachfront thanks to the coordinating efforts of the Weimar FFA chapter.

  • 2,164 Lone Star FFA Degrees were awarded.

  • 144 Scholarship recipients were recognized.

  • More than 350 students and chapters walked the stage as award finalists and/or winners.

In addition to those incredible statistics, delegates convened to conduct the business of the association. They considered and passed three amendments to the state constitution (listed below), as well as elected ten state FFA officers to lead our association into the coming year! Photos and information on the 2017-2018 state FFA officers can be found at

Section C: Active Membership - To be eligible for active membership in a chartered FFA chapter, a student must be enrolled in a secondary Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources program. The Texas FFA Association/Texas Association of Future Farmers of America considers “secondary Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources programs” to be grades 7-12.

To retain membership, a student must:
1. Be enrolled in at least one Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources course during the school year and/or follow a planned course of study; either course must include a supervised agricultural experience program, the objective of which is preparation for an agricultural career.


Section A: The elected officers of the Texas FFA Association/Texas Association of Future Farmers of America shall be selected and nominated by each of the Area Associations. Each of these officers has an opportunity to demonstrate FFA, agriculture education, parliamentary procedure and agricultural industry knowledge via a written exam, present their qualifications to an evaluation committee, and appear before the state convention body delegates and deliver a campaign speech.

A president shall be elected from the state officers by a combination of interview score, 60 percent, and a score derived from the vote of the delegates present, 40 percent. The state elections committee shall…

Section E: Each Area Association may elect one state officer each year. The state officer shall be elected by a combination of interview score, 60 percent, and a score derived from the vote of the delegates present, 40 percent and in accordance to policies adopted by the State FFA Board of Directors.


Section F: The state officers shall hold the State FFA Degree at the time of their election at the state convention and must be active members for the duration of their term in office. A candidate may be eligible to run for state office through the second convention after their graduation from high school.

SAE and Swine Validation Coordinator

If you’ve spent time on the VATAT Careers page in the last few days, you will have noticed that the Texas FFA Association is looking to hire an SAE and Swine Validation Coordinator. This position will help to oversee statewide swine validation efforts as well as help the association provide more resources to FFA chapters to increase SAE implementation at the local level. This position will also assume duties related to SAE-based awards (proficiencies, stars, degrees, etc.). If you, or someone you know is interested the full posting can be viewed at

A cover letter and resume should be received by the close of business on Friday, August 18, 2017 to be considered for this position.

Delinquent Roster Accounts

In accordance to the State Policy Handbook Section 4.4(f), “chapters must pay all unpaid balances related to membership, competitive event, convention, conference registrations or pay any other charges related to Texas FFA Events for a given fiscal year by August 1. Chapters with unpaid balances of any amount shall be declared delinquent. Chapters declared delinquent shall be barred from incurring additional charges via the roster, event registration and competitive event registration systems. As of August 15, all delinquent accounts shall incur a penalty fee of $25.00 or 10% whichever is greater.”

Pursuant to policy, at the conclusion of business yesterday (August 1st) all chapters with a balance in the Texas FFA roster system or with JudgingCard were blocked. Chapters will have until August 15th to rectify their delinquent accounts before they incur a penalty fee. This policy was enacted in 2011 to ensure that all accounts were paid prior to the end of the association’s fiscal year, which ends August 31st.



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